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International Fountain – Water Flows Again

International Fountain resumed operations today, along with all of the other wonderful Seattle Center waterworks. Their operations were all put on hold for the winter months as a cost savings measure.

Seattle Center maintains several different water features, including the Fountain of Creation (Dupen Fountain), a large fountain and pool located in the lower Northwest Rooms courtyard; Neototems II adjacent to the Seattle Children’s Theatre;  Fountain of Seseragi just north of International Fountain; Underfoot along the Kreielsheimer Promenade; Encircled Stream between Intiman Theatre and the Phelps Center; and the Fountain of the Northwest in the Intiman Theatre courtyard. 

International Fountain is programmed with new music each week, selected by Seattle Center musicologist James Whetzel, often to coincide with events happening on the grounds. For the weekend of April 1st, visitors will hear a mix of Japanese pieces in recognition of Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival, April 1 -3, in Center House, Fisher Pavilion and Seattle Center Pavilion.

Let’s hope that the return of our waterworks inspires Mother Nature to bring us spring weather. Please come down to the Center to take in the sun, hear the fountain music and partake in all of the Cherry Blossom Festival activities (see posting on what’s going on during the festival).