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October 2011

CityLink Seattle

Monorail Fare Increases – Nov. 1

New Seattle Center Monorail fare rates go into effect Nov. 1, 2011. They include increases in adult and youth fares as well as adult monthly passes. Roundtrip fares remain at twice the price of a one-way fare, and group rate discounts reflect the price increase. Rider rates for seniors, people with disabilities and Medicare cards holders do not change.

Following are the details on the fare increases:

 Adult one-way, currently $2, increases to $2.25

  • Youth one-way, currently $.75, increases to $1
  • Adult monthly passes, currently $40, increase to $45
  • Senior, people with disabilities and people with Medicare card fares remain $1
  • Senior, people with disabilities and Medicare card monthly passes remain $20

 These are the first rate increases since Jan. 1, 2007 to generate additional revenue for Seattle Center. The public is invited to comment on the fare increases via email: Neal.Erickson@Seattle.Gov or phone: 206 684-7117, through Friday, Oct. 21, 2011.     

Built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the red and blue Monorail trains depart every 10 minutes from the station at Seattle Center and from Westlake Center Mall at 5th and Pine Street. Each trip takes two minutes, and each train can carry up to 225 passengers per trip. The trains were fully renovated in 2009 and 2010 to provide an enjoyable and reliable ride well into the 21st century.

Seattle Center Monorail is operated by a private concessionaire, Seattle Monorail Services, for the City of Seattle. For more information on the Monorail, click on

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