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Want to Lease Int’l Fountain Pavilion?

Seattle Center today issued a Request for Proposals (RFP, attached) for occupancy of the International Fountain Pavilion, a facility formerly housing Northwest Crafts Center, adjacent to International Fountain. The Pavilion is currently vacant and will be available for lease as soon as proposers desire. Seattle Center will accept proposals with a minimum lease term of five years and a maximum of 20 years.

Seattle Center, a City of Seattle department, will consider a broad range of proposals for high quality uses that serve to enliven the space in keeping with the mission of the department and the aspirations of the Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan. The Pavilion’s unique setting creates an outstanding opportunity to further a number of the Plan’s Planning and Design Principles.

Seattle Center will accept proposals for revenue generating activities as well as those that return substantial public benefits, and it will consider a range of redevelopment plans for the building. The Pavilion is approximately 4,500 square feet. The building’s two levels, connected by steps and ramps, currently accommodate minimal plumbing, electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

Proposal selection criteria include a proponent’s demonstrated ability to fully fund all capital and operating costs of the facility. Any capital investment must align with the City of Seattle’s sustainable building policy.

Originally built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair as “Building 20,” the Pavilion became home to the newly formed Northwest Crafts Center in 1963. In 2012, the Crafts Center tenancy ended, making way for a temporary Museum of History and Industry exhibit associated with The Next Fifty, celebrating the World’s Fair 50th anniversary. With the conclusion of the celebration, the Pavilion has become available for a new tenant.

Seattle Center hopes to attract a broad range of proposals for lease of the attractive space.  Proposals must be submitted by Feb. 25, as specified in the RFP.  Those seeking to submit proposals must register through the City of Seattle ebid eXchange system.

For more information on the Request for Proposal:  Lease of the International Fountain Pavilion, visit or email to:  Any subsequent addenda or announcements pertaining to the RFP will be available at