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Dreaming in Teal at Seattle Center

If you walk along Kreielsheimer Promenade adjacent to Marion Oliver McCaw Hall after the sun goes down this month, you’ll see something a bit different, a teal colored glow above your head.  Dreaming in Color, a three-dimensional environmental installation by Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, Ltd., takes on a teal hue during September in recognition and celebration of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.

This unprecedented color change honors long-time Seattle Center friend and supporter James R. Faulstich, an advocate of The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research, a partnership of Swedish Medical Center and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The mission of the center is to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month raises awareness about this disease. Washington State has one of the highest ovarian cancer incidence and mortality rates in the country. The Rivkin Center is among research and treatment centers across the nation striving to educate their communities about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Seven in ten women die within five years of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Early detection is critical, when treatment is most effective.

Dreaming in Color uses electronically programmed color sequences to animate an illuminated color-field composed of a series of metal-mesh scrims mounted across the wide walkway between McCaw Hall and Phelps Center. The lightwork serves to dissolve traditional boundaries between inside and outside. The illuminations transform the Promenade at night, welcoming visitors into a theatrical environment. Schwendinger has allowed the color change for this one time in support of ovarian cancer awareness. Patrons of Pacific Northwest Ballet and others who walk through the Promenade during the month will notice the teal glow.

McCaw Hall celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2013. Home to Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet, the hall has welcomed over 4,000,000 visitors to 5,000-plus events. It also accommodates a range of entertainment, community and private events in two auditoriums, the Grand Lobby and several meetings spaces. Participating in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month supports McCaw Hall’s efforts to meet its broader community purpose. For more information about this and other programming at Seattle Center, visit or call 206 684-7200.

Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color