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I Am Seattle Center-Aubrie Kralis

AUBRIE KRALIS, a senior at The Center School, located in Seattle Center Armory, also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator and Steering Committee Co-Chair for The Vera Project.  As she enthusiastically talks about the vibe inside Vera during a rock show, one can’t help but know that the future is in bright, capable hands.

“In my position, I always have to get there early, so it’s kind of more mellow, and I guess kind-of intimate because you get to help these bands set up and get all their stuff figured out… where they’re going, how to do this. Once more and more volunteers come in, it’s really close and everyone’s just friends, pretty much. And then throughout the night the energy just gets bigger and more wild, and by the end of it everyone’s working together, and it’s like everyone’s known each other for so long, even though it’s only been like two hours, or three hours. It’s almost always positive. Welcoming, positive, motivating, and inspiring.”  #IAmSeattleCenter #VeraProject #CenterSchool #bands #energizing #positive #amazingyouth