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I Am Seattle Center-Clarissa Addington

CLARISSA ADDINGTON, Student at Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Clarissa came to AIE after graduating from University of Oregon with a degree in fine art. She is in her second and final year at AIE and looking for a job in animation or advertising after she graduates in the spring.

“Right now, we’re working on a project called Project Swarm. We haven’t really meshed out the script, we haven’t really meshed out much of it yet, we’re just building 3D models of these insect kind of monsters. It’s really different, and right now I’m sketching a couple of ideas down. I’m trying to build my portfolio in animation, just working on models, and I eventually want to learn how to rig them completely and then animate them myself, and eventually just have my portfolio all finished and keep improving my portfolio. [After coming here] I feel much more confident about my art skill, I’m happy I finally got a chance to learn animation–I now know the programs to work on a computer, so I can work on my own. By the end, you want a rockstar portfolio.”  #IAmSeattleCenter #AIE #gaming #animation #portfolio #digitalartist #student

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