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I Am Seattle Center – Dex Rothchild

DEXTER ROTHCHILD, caricaturist and owner of Over The Line Art.

You can find Dex in Seattle Center Armory most weekends and during major events, including Whirligig!, drawing passers-by with humor and flair.

“I’ve been doing caricatures for 15 years. I started in the summer of 2001, and I drew at a theme park in Ohio. I stayed in the theme park industry for about five-ish years. I got so sick of it. They told me I was too hairy and that I had to start shaving twice a day. I moved out to Seattle and I knew from day one that I wanted to be buried here, preferably right next to Bruce Lee. I’ve been at Seattle Center 10 years. I own an art entertainment company called Over The Line Art. We have a team of 15 artists who provide caricatures to the Puget Sound Area. Seattle Center– it’s a special place. I met my better half while working here. She would always walk her dog in the area, and the one day I saw her walking briskly without a dog, I’m like ‘Hey you, get over here, let me do a demo of you.’  And by the end of the drawing, I had her number, and she wanted to have the drawing but I’m like ‘No, you have to pay for it if you want to keep it,’ and she was actually walking on her way to a date and we ended up texting all the way through her date. And then I took her on my date, and knocked her socks off.” #IAmSeattleCenter #caricature #OvertheLineArt #loveconnection