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I Am Seattle Center-Amy Simons

AMY SIMONS has been a Resident at Pottery Northwest since May 2015.  Pottery Northwest is one of the largest and most nationally celebrated educational clay institutions on the West Coast and is a hub for the ceramics community across the Northwest.

“It’s the tactile quality of it, and actually mark-making with your hands, in a way. And just sort of capturing your own marks–there’s nothing between you and the clay. If you’re painting you might be using a brush, but if you’re working with clay, you’re using your hands and really freezing that mark. It’s really influenced by my grandma. I spent a lot of time with her growing up and she taught me how to weave and knit and bake and braid hair, and I think the way that I approach clay oftentimes has a connection to fiber arts.

I’m working on a series of houses and prints about home. So my upcoming show will have both these ceramic sculptures that are right on this line between figurative and structural, so they are sort of like a figure but also sort of like a house. I’ve been thinking a lot about how a home can really reflect the person that lives in it, and how the objects you live with and gather throughout your life really become a portrait of who you are.”

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