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I Am Seattle Center-Dug Hagen

DUG HAGEN, Seattle Center Sound Engineer.  Dug applies his veteran skills as a sound operator at many venues across campus, and for a variety of events, both professional and community-based.

“The thing about Seattle Center is that it exists for the public’s delight, to come here and have a place to relax or to see entertainment. There’s a reason why people come here. Years ago, I struggled with the question of whether my work was meaningful. You see people going to Haiti to help those who were devastated from an earthquake. And I thought, well, I’m mixing rock bands.  But I also thought, well, everybody has their life, and their struggles, and their challenges. And if they have spent their money that they worked hard to earn, and taken their time to buy tickets and go to a place to be entertained– to see an artist that they love– it’s my job to make that experience as good as it can possibly be.  And maybe they’re tired, frustrated, angry when they come here– they had to deal with traffic, parking, everything else– they come and my job is to help them have a great experience and enjoy the reason they came here.”

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