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I Am Seattle Center-Marvin Walker

MARVIN WALKER is a “resident” at Seattle Center.  He spends much of his day inside the Armory, where he is recognized by staff and patrons alike.

“There was at particular time when I first started coming here where you could do what you needed to do and be by yourself for the most part. So if I needed to do paperwork or do something on the internet I could just do whatever I needed to do. It was comfortable at that time. You didn’t really have to be bothered with anybody. At other places you go it’s kind of crowded, more condensed. Here, it’s not as sociable so people are doing their own things and it’s very, very quiet. . . almost too quiet sometimes.

Inside the building has changed a lot. Some people say, I guess, that there’s less stuff down here than there was. It is a little bit roomier, but on days like this it’s very gloomy, especially during the wintertime when there’s not a lot going on and fewer people. But on concert nights people come in and the place fills up.

So if I decided, if I was a regular person and just got off work, or if I was a visitor, I’d probably just come in here and spend more time in here than I would outside. “

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