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I am Seattle Center-Ellen Norton

ELLEN NORTON, Seattle Center Armory Manager.  Ellen oversees the operations, maintenance and daily use of the historical Armory building.

“I walked into the building one day, and I was walking next to a woman who looked like a tourist. She came in through the doors, and right when she got into the open area of the Armory, she stopped and went, “Oh wow! I haven’t been in here in 20 years. This is amazing.” And she was talking about how cool it was and how great it looked, and ‘look at all the great restaurants, and I’m going to come back here for lunch.’ That was very cool. And I told her that I actually manage this building, and she was, like, ‘You do? What a fun job!’ People say that to me all the time.”

“One of the things I find that surprises me intermittently on a regular basis through my entire career is [that] I will periodically be walking across campus and all of a sudden I will realize, I work in such a cool place! Like, look around you. Usually it’s springtime. The sun is shining, there are people playing in the fountain, there’s the Space Needle, there’s all this grass. What a cool place to work. And I still do that, I still do that–like, lift your head up a little bit from going through your day, and realize, I work at a park! Or this building, it’s such a great building to work in. It’s so great.”

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