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Hero of the Deep: Julia Colson

On October 15, the Seattle Kraken honored Julia Colson as the first Kraken Hero of The Deep during the first period of the opening game against the Vegas Golden Knights. The One Roof Foundation will donate $32,000 to Seattle/King County Clinic in Julia’s honor.

Image of a woman and a quote: “Thank you to One Roof Foundation and the Seattle Kraken for your generosity. As you know, a project like this requires team effort. I am pleased to represent Seattle Center, Seattle Center Foundation and, of course, Seattle/King County Clinic for all they do to support our community.” ~ Julia Colson
Julia Colson, Seattle Center’s Managing Director – Arts & Community Programs | Seattle/King County Clinic

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Seattle Kraken YouTube Video: Hero of the Deep: Julia Colson

“This has been a labor of love for Julia, all of us and our staff, the volunteers, the providers, the donors and most importantly, the recipients. This is why we do the things we do… Peace” 

~ Robert Nellams, Director Seattle Center

One Roof Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena’s commitment to community. Founded upon the belief that the well-being of every person is tied to the well- being of every other person, and that the future health of humanity is dependent on the future health of our planet, One Roof Foundation is committed to building a more equitable society where everyone can realize a brighter future.  We invite our fans and our community to join forces with One Roof to ensure that all young people in our region have a roof over their heads, know that hockey is their game too, and have fresh air to breathe.   We are in this together – under One Roof.

Seattle/King County Clinic​​​​​​​ brings together healthcare organizations, civic agencies, non-profits, private businesses and volunteers from across the State of Washington to produce a giant free health clinic at Seattle Center. The four-day volunteer-driven clinic provides free dental, vision and medical care to anyone in the region who struggles to access and/or afford healthcare.

Seattle Center Foundation (SCF) actively inspires broad community engagement to support and promote the evolution of Seattle Center. You’ll find SCF advocating for the Century 21 Master Plan, seeking public and private funds for capital improvements, supporting free public programs, and bringing together the organizations and individuals who value Seattle Center as a civic asset.

Seattle Center is celebrating 60 years with all that is “New, Now, and Next” as Seattle’s hub for arts, sports, community events, and cultural festivals. Originally built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the dynamic 74-acre campus has transformed over the years to respond to, reflect, and represent the region’s ever-broadening community. Seattle Center and its iconic International Fountain are often referred to as the “Heart of Seattle,” serving as a treasured community gathering place where the local, regional, national, and international visitors come together every day. Today more than 30 cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organizations reside on the grounds, along with a diverse variety of public programs and thousands of events attracting more than 12 million visitors each year. At Seattle Center, part of Uptown Arts & Cultural District and home to Climate Pledge Arena, our purpose is to create exceptional events, experiences, and environments that delight and inspire the human spirit to build stronger communities. Activities at the Center generate $1.864 billion in business activity and $631 million in labor income.