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September 2020

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Archive for 'I am Seattle Center'

I am Seattle Center-Andrew Steen

ANDREW STEEN, Technical Coordinator at Seattle Center Productions.  Andrew is most often seen working behind the scenes to make sure events like Concerts at the Mural, Winterfest, and Festál cultural festivals happen smoothly and successfully from an operations and technical standpoint. “One of the things that attracted me to this position was a way to […]


I am Seattle Center-Pete Rush

PETE RUSH, Arts Programs Manager, Seattle Center Productions.  Pete coordinates many signature programs like KConcerts and Movies at the Mural, Best Damn Happy Hour, and Seattle Center Winterfest.  A favorite part of his job involves booking artists. “I am an artist in my own right. I freelance as a designer—I design costumes and scenery for […]


I am Seattle Center-Jeffrey Parrish, DDS

JEFFREY PARRISH, DDS, serves as the Dental Director for Seattle/King County Clinic, a 4-day free health clinic at KeyArena for those who need help accessing care.  Here he speaks about the value of the clinic in this region. “Haiti is a very poor country; it doesn’t have a lot of infrastructure, so in terms of […]


I Am Seattle Center-Marika Yaplee

I Am Seattle Center MARIKA YAPLEE, is a student at Seattle University and is heavily involved in their athletics department, including the SU men’s basketball team, which plays in KeyArena at Seattle Center. Here, Marika speaks about the balance of school and sports “In almost every class, in every major, there’s going to be an athlete. And they […]


I am Seattle Center-Tom Henning

TOM HENNING worked in broadcasting and advertising, before retiring and becoming an usher at Seattle Center’s Marion Oliver McCaw Hall ten years ago. When he was a boy, he took the train with his grandmother to see operas at the Met. “The everyday job is working at an aisle, and helping people find their seats, […]


I am Seattle Center-Ellen Norton

ELLEN NORTON, Seattle Center Armory Manager.  Ellen oversees the operations, maintenance and daily use of the historical Armory building. “I walked into the building one day, and I was walking next to a woman who looked like a tourist. She came in through the doors, and right when she got into the open area of […]


I Am Seattle Center-Marvin Walker

MARVIN WALKER is a “resident” at Seattle Center.  He spends much of his day inside the Armory, where he is recognized by staff and patrons alike. “There was at particular time when I first started coming here where you could do what you needed to do and be by yourself for the most part. So […]


I Am Seattle Center-Dennis Caldirola

DENNIS CALDIROLA has produced The Italian Festival, part of our Seattle Center Festál series, for the past 25 years.  Here, he speaks about the roots of the festival, and how it has grown. “It’s turned into a job, a lifestyle, an identity. In the beginning, it was just that– a job. I’ve always loved entertainment, […]


I Am Seattle Center-Steve Socie

STEVE SOCIE has been gardening for 25 years, four of them at Seattle Center. He is from Michigan, where he got a degree in French “which was supposedly what I was going to do” and came to Seattle because “here you can garden year round.” “You feel that what you do is really part of […]


I Am Seattle Center-Michael Carter

MICHAEL CARTER is the executive chef for Skillet:Counter in Seattle Center Armory.  Here, he talks about his culinary roots, as well as Skillet’s special brand of cuisine. “So my mom had a very eclectic sense of taste. She was born and raised in Israel, and her mother, my grandmother, was German, so a really wide […]

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