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February 2017

CityLink Seattle

I Am Seattle Center – Cathy Sander

“Many ex-theater people work here because it’s the same skill set. You have to be really good at creative problem solving, you have to be really good at working with a diverse group of people at all given levels. It definitely keeps your creative juices flowing. Every single person I know who’s an employee here at Seattle Center– you can just tell: they genuinely love working here. And everybody is super supportive. Even though I’m not a City employee, I have Seattle Center staff who are always pitching in to help me whenever I need it. When you are working in theaters, pay is usually lower and things like that, so it’s great for people who have theater backgrounds to come here and have benefits and stable hours and do what they like to do.”

#IAmSeattleCenter #theatrepeople #support #SCFoundation

CATHY SANDER, Operations Manager for Seattle Center Foundation

Seattle Center Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports Seattle Center through private fundraising, long-term visioning, and hands-on efforts to help and promote programming like Seattle Center Festál and Seattle/King County Clinic.  Cathy sits at the center of that organization and is a big champion of all the work here to make this place great.  In turn, we think she is pretty fabulous herself.


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