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I Am Seattle Center-Gretchen Lenihan

GRETCHEN LENIHAN, Event Sales and Servicing Rep.  Gretchen works with outside clients who come to campus to help produce their events.  She’s taken on events both big and small, and is masterful at making a producer’s dreams a reality.

“I feel that Seattle Center, in a very real way, is the heart of the community. I mean that not just in the physical sense. I mean it in a very emotional, spiritual sense. That was really driven home for me when I started working here, when 9/11 happened… seeing that this was the place that people came, when there wasn’t a place, when there wasn’t something special happening, but they just needed a place to feel their community and what their group identity was.

That was the moment I realized that Seattle Center was so much more than a collection of events. This is where people go to be ‘us.’ This is people’s home. It’s not their house, but it’s their emotional home. Folklife… from an event standpoint has that sense of home too. Folklife is a free festival, it’s volunteer-driven, and it’s about the arts and culture that are practiced in the home.   #IAmSeattleCenter #heart #community #home #NWFolklifeFestival #9/11