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I Am Seattle Center-Hilary Lee

HILARY LEE, Exhibition Manager at Chihuly Garden and Glass.  Hilary started working at the Chihuly Exhibition in May 2012, when it opened. Before that, she worked for the Pratt Fine Arts Center. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Economics from UW, and an MA in Visual Arts Administration from NYU.

“I really like that Dale Chihuly’s art is very accessible, and very approachable, and is a platform for introducing people to glass art in our community, in this region.”

“It’s dramatic and colorful, and it’s so in-your-face that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, for the most part. And I really like how excited people get. And I love hearing about ‘I didn’t know glass could do this’ or ‘I had no idea’.  It’s just really great to hear from people experiencing the artwork. “

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