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I Am Seattle Center-Jane Levy

JAN LEVY, Chair of Seattle Center Advisory Commission. Jan heads up a group of Seattle residents who advise Seattle Center on planning and direction. She also co-chaired the Century 21 Committee, which recommended a new design plan for the campus several years back called Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan. She currently serves as Executive Director of Leadership Tomorrow.

“I came here for the World’s Fair. To just see the grounds, to explore everything . . .  but also during the Fair when the Royal Ballet performed at the opera house and they did all of their classes during their stay at the ballet studio where I studied. We got to be extras in all their shows. So my first memories of Seattle Center were coming here for the World’s Fair and performing on the opera house stage. I stood in a window in a big costume, and once I was a rat or a mouse in one of the shows.”

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