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I Am Seattle Center-Annelih Hamilton

ANNELIH HAMILTON, Retail Lead and Social Media Manager, Seattle Children’s Museum. Annelih has been working at the museum since August 2014. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in acting from the University of Florida, and acts in many Seattle theater productions.

“It’s great to be with an organization that is unique. We really encourage imagination and free play here at the museum, so it’s really what you make of it. And we do have educators that offer specialized and hands-on programming and really interact with the kids and their grown-ups–a broader point of view, maybe tackle a subject from a different perspective.  So I really love that there is a home for the museum here, in the Seattle Center Armory.  It’s just nice to provide an option for people to come with their families if they want. I think that we offer another way to play.  I think we totally fit at Seattle Center.” #IAmSeattleCenter #SeattleChildrensMuseum #play #imagination #SCArmory