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I am Seattle Center-Chris Zhang

CHRIS ZHANG has been working for Customer Service at Seattle Center for eight years.

“When I came here for my interview, back in 2009, the first thing I remember is that I saw birds flying here and then I heard people cheering, a group of students running down the stairs from Center School. And I said ‘Oh my goodness, there are birds in here, and there are students in here, what kind of place is this?’ It’s a place that is so open and full of light and air, and so inclusive.

One of the reasons I enjoy working here so much is my team. And we have a very close team where everybody really cares about each other. In HR, they always ask “what’s more important, your employee or your customer?” and I always think if your employee is happy, they glow and they send it out. So I always feel appreciative and honored that I have a team that just by chance I like. They are happy. I am not sure why, maybe it’s the birds.”

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