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I Am Seattle Center-Laurie Metzinger

LAURIE METZINGER started working at Seattle Center as a scenic artist for Pacific Northwest Ballet. From there, she began working on Winterfest Train & Village, where she has served as installation lead and decorator since 1988.

“I’m turning the reins over this coming year to a woman named Colleen Gwen, who’s been working with me for two years, learning the ropes. It’s a really physical job. When you’re setting it up, you’re up and down on your knees fifty times a day. It’s really hard work. And I think it’s kind of time for somebody with new ideas. So I’m turning it over to her next year, but I’m going to be working as her helper. She’s going to be fantastic. She’s a stagehand at the Ballet, but she’s totally into tiny things, and has a great sense of design and all that, so I’m really happy. I told JulieAnn, my boss, two or three years ago, and said ‘You know, I’m going to be wanting to retire from this, it’s getting really hard, and I’m running out of ideas,’ and she said ’You know, I think I’ve found somebody really great. Come and meet her, and see if you guys get along.’ And we just liked each other immediately. . . so it’s a good circle of things.”

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