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Safety and Health Practices While Shopping

Shopping Tips

Attention Seattle shoppers! Our grocery stores are working hard to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. Do your part to help slow the spread of COVID-19:

  • Limit your trips.
  • Buy only what you need for a week/7 days
  • Respect special shopping hours.
  • Follow social-distance guidance in stores.

Buy what you need for a week/7 days

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus and protect our grocery workers on the frontlines, limit your shopping trips to once a week or less and don’t overstock. Buy only what you need.

Planning a grocery trip? Add these safety tips to your list:

  1. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others. Many stores are taking special safety precautions in light of COVID-19. Follow their guidance and help keep frontline grocery workers safe.
  2. Practice good hygiene.
  3. Consider wearing a mask.
  4. Leave your reusable bags at home.

Respect Special Shopping Hours/Shop at less popular times

The coronavirus pandemic has upended many aspects of daily life, including trips to the grocery store. To protect our most vulnerable community members, please respect special shopping hours for seniors and those at higher risk. Consider shopping during off-peak hours when the stores may be less crowded.

Here’s a list of stores with special hours: