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February 2017

CityLink Seattle

I Am Seattle Center – Rebecca Davis

“Maybe it’s just an artist thing in general… people get all navel gazey. That’s the danger with original or creative work, which I love, when it’s creative and original. But sometimes it’s like ‘and then my cat went out, and it never came back,’ pause, pause, light change. I need more depth, I think, than that. But sometimes my favorite thing is when people make fun of themselves, do theatre that makes fun of themselves, or makes fun of a trope. I’m fond of that. Because life can be real serious… so I’m kind of an un-serious person. Not that I don’t think things that are serious, because they are, but I think overall that I have to believe– I’m going to paraphrase Anne Frank—‘I believe that people are intrinsically good.’  And I think the good ones need to laugh.” #IAmSeattleCenter #SBDHH #laughter #originalart #intrinsicgood   Photo by Christopher Nelson.

REBECCA DAVIS, host of Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour

Rebecca hosts for cabarets and burlesque shows throughout town, has her own theatre company, and produces a variety show called the Stay Up Late Show. She also works as a wedding officiant. “Basically, if there’s a large group of people, I like to get up in front of them and say things.”

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