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Century 21 Master Plan With projects contained in the Seattle Center 2000 now complete, it was time once again to consider the future of Seattle Center. In 2006, then Mayor Nichols called for formation of the 17-member Century 21 Committee, which held more than 60 meetings with community organizations and… [ Keep reading ]

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Seattle Center 2000 Plan Following the failed 1988 Disney Plan, Seattle City Council and community activists regrouped to create the Seattle Center 2000 Master Plan. City Council adopted it on July 23, 1990 following an extensive two-year public involvement process. The Seattle Center 2000 Plan was conceptual, intended to be… [ Keep reading ]

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Disney Proposal of 1988 Twenty years after the close of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the fairgrounds, now an arts and cultural center called Seattle Center, was starting to show its age. Then Seattle Mayor Charles Royer enlisted Walt Disney Imagineering, along with design and economic consultants, to reimagine the… [ Keep reading ]

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World’s Fair Master Plan The roots of master planning at Seattle Center stretch back to as early as the 1911 Bogue plan, which considered this area between downtown and Queen Anne for a civic center to serve as Seattle’s cultural gathering place. The Civic Auditorium (now McCaw Hall), ice arena… [ Keep reading ]

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Master Planning Master planning provides a long-term conceptual layout of physical spaces to guide future growth and development. The process seeks to make meaningful and sustainable connection between buildings, social settings and their surrounding environments, offering the stated principles and objectives to keep projects focused on an organization’s goals and… [ Keep reading ]

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As Seattle contemplated hosting a World’s Fair, Fair organizers created a plan to leave the World’s Fair site to the people of Seattle. In 1956, they successfully appealed to voters to pass a bond to fund a civic center and then worked with the City to appoint a committee to… [ Keep reading ]

July 4th Naturalization Ceremony

Please join us for the Fourth of July Naturalization Ceremony on Wednesday, July 4th. It is the largest ceremony of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The Honorable Richard C. Tallman, U.S. Circuit Court Judge will swear in over 500 candidates from more than 80 countries as new citizens of… [ Keep reading ]

We Met at the Center – Kath Nyborg’s Story

Katherine Nyborg, known as Kath to her friends and colleagues, met her future husband for a dance at Seattle Center when they were in college at Seattle Pacific University. On-campus dances were forbidden, and so the college students organized so-called “functions” at the Center instead. They met in the Snoqualmie… [ Keep reading ]

I am Seattle Center-Jeffrey Cook

I Am Seattle Center JEFFREY COOK is a local designer and theatrical artisan.  He can often be found working at Seattle Children’s Theatre, but this time of year, you’ll see his mastery at Seattle Center Winterfest, our seasonal celebration kicking off this week. Jeffrey designed all the décor. “Design should… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Laurie Metzinger

LAURIE METZINGER started working at Seattle Center as a scenic artist for Pacific Northwest Ballet. From there, she began working on Winterfest Train & Village, where she has served as installation lead and decorator since 1988. “I’m turning the reins over this coming year to a woman named Colleen Gwen,… [ Keep reading ]