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I am Seattle Center-James Whetzel

JAMES WHETZEL, Musician. Since 2001, James has created the bi-monthly playlist mixes for International Fountain, in addition to a vibrant career as an independent musician and social media maven. “In general, with music in the fountain, I’m trying to create an inviting atmosphere for people to interact with the water…. [ Keep reading ]

I am Seattle Center-Chris Zhang

CHRIS ZHANG has been working for Customer Service at Seattle Center for eight years. “When I came here for my interview, back in 2009, the first thing I remember is that I saw birds flying here and then I heard people cheering, a group of students running down the stairs… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Tom Israel

TOM ISRAEL, Director of Finance & Administration for Seattle Center “Seattle Center uses the cultural aspects—the performances, the entertainment—as the vehicle to help give people a place to plug into and find something that speaks to them. The arts and culture and spaces that happen here provide that. So, it… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Kristin Ebeling

KRISTIN EBELING is the Director of Seattle’s Skate Like a Girl, an organization that promotes confidence, leadership and social justice through the sport of skateboarding. The group produces many events throughout the summer at Seattle Center Skatepark, Seattle Center’s skateboard park. “As someone who skated for five years without Skate… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Tom Dewey

TOM DEWEY has worked at the Book-It Repertory Theatre Box Office since April 2009. When not there, he appears as an actor on many Seattle-area stages and choreographs fights for the theatre, including for Book-It’s latest production, Welcome to Braggsville. “Last year on the education tour, we did Romeo and… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Bonnie Hedman

BONNIE HEDMAN. Known as the “Gardening Grandma,” Bonnie has a plot in the Uptown P-Patch, located on the roof of Mercer Street Parking Garage. She is active in the gardening community there, and she works with Center School students teaching them botanical skills. “My dad was in the military and… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Dug Hagen

DUG HAGEN, Seattle Center Sound Engineer. Dug applies his veteran skills as a sound operator at many venues across campus, and for a variety of events, both professional and community-based. “The thing about Seattle Center is that it exists for the public’s delight, to come here and have a place… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Annelih Hamilton

ANNELIH HAMILTON, Retail Lead and Social Media Manager, Seattle Children’s Museum. Annelih has been working at the museum since August 2014. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in acting from the University of Florida, and acts in many Seattle theater productions. “It’s great to be with an organization that… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Jane Levy

JAN LEVY, Chair of Seattle Center Advisory Commission. Jan heads up a group of Seattle residents who advise Seattle Center on planning and direction. She also co-chaired the Century 21 Committee, which recommended a new design plan for the campus several years back called Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan. She… [ Keep reading ]

I Am Seattle Center-Hilary Lee

HILARY LEE, Exhibition Manager at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Hilary started working at the Chihuly Exhibition in May 2012, when it opened. Before that, she worked for the Pratt Fine Arts Center. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Economics from UW, and an MA in Visual Arts Administration… [ Keep reading ]